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Fairest of them all disney

fairest of them all disney

I didn't have high expectations for Fairest of All, being a Disney princess .. and monsters and show readers how cruelty has diminished and distorted them.
Fairest of Them All book cover. Copyright 2009 Malificent and Aurora from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Copyright Disney. All.

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It made sense where it ended, it's just... Sleeping Beauty is an opium addict living in the Kingdom of Dreams, and Cinderella hides behind a veil refusing to accept the toll aging has taken. And then the mirror appears.... It's written in third person, in that very fairytale kind of way. Overall I was disappointed with both the story and the writing. The writing was fine, a little simplistic in the dialogue and descriptions, but I think that was a deliberate decision to make it fit a little more in the fairy tale world. There was also a moment when the book randomly changed point of view.
Valentino and I somehow strongly suspect that Serena Valentino is a pen name cause I mean. Enhance your IMDb Page. What has always impressed me about her is her ability as a writer to find the humanity in villains and monsters and show readers how cruelty has diminished and distorted. That's not a solution to any mystery. Is it just me or isn't annoying that they refer to her as the Queen before she's even married the King? The Fairest of Them All