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For function in cognos

for function in cognos

try total(case when [free of charge flag] = 'FALSE' then [Total Margin] else null end Cognos equivalent of excel's sumif() function.
Hi, I'm developing(writting) cognos report using DMR. I've one column in list "no. of activities". for this i have to write an expression.
Cognos Summaries Functions. Aggregate: Returns a calculated value using the appropriate aggregation function, based on the aggregation. for function in cognos Returns a running difference by row, calculated as the difference between the value for the current row and the preceding row, including the current row for a set of values. Please help me out on how to resolve the same as its. I'm doing a conditional sum on [Total Margin] for each [Item Code]. Topics on Toolbox for IT. Discuss the workings and policies of this site.
Bursting Reports to the File System in Cognos 81