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Kitty playing piano commercial

kitty playing piano commercial

Keyboard Cat is an Internet meme. It consists of a video from 1984 of a female cat called "Fatso" wearing a blue shirt and " playing " an Jump to: navigation, search. Not to be confused with Nora, a cat that plays a piano on her own.
Celebrities star in a new PSA campaign to increase pet adoption, with a slight twist: The stars in question are two dogs and a cat, all shelter.
Keyboard Cat Plays During The Super Bowl. Keyboard Cat . KEYBOARD CAT - new commercial in.
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Kitty playing piano commercial - pat vegas

Think it's hard teaching a kid to play the piano? Unlock More FREE Analytics.. Real-time TV Ad Data. Wonderful Pistachios TV Spot, 'Ernie at the Airport'. To be fair, though, it does play to the lowest common denominator: Its message is essentially "Adopt an adorable shelter animal so you can make it a celebrity! Try teaching your five year old cat!