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What does the song bust it wide open mean

what does the song bust it wide open mean

Bust It Open lyrics by Lil Wil: Bust dat pussy open Den I tell her bring it back / Bust dat, bust dat pussy open. Post my meaning ; Write my explanation new . If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and.
Top Definition. bust it open. A phrase used to describe when a woman spreads her legs open wide to fuck. I spent alot of money on this date, this bitch betterĀ  Missing: song.
she does dis 4 a living wat do u think fellas DATT!!!!COMMENT AND TELL US WATT YUU THINK! Missing: song. Buss It Wide Open - KeeZone Boyz (Lil Kee, Strizzo ft. Javon Black & Yung G) Bust It Wide Open what does the song bust it wide open mean
Shorty gonna bust it wide open while I get head while I smoke. This site is indexing other sites content. LIL WIL - BUST IT OPEN LYRICS. Top song lyrics at Real niggas ain't talkin', we just. The Urban Dictionary T-Shirt. I know you a freak so let me see everything dat you can be Put dis dick so far up in ya, baby, you'll be wigglin' knees.