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Best way to get to iguazu falls from buenos aires

best way to get to iguazu falls from buenos aires

From Iguazu Falls to Buenos Aires, Bus or flight. . Once you go to check in at the airport you will pay the gringo price of $250 one- way. Get answers to your questions about Puerto Iguazu to Puerto Iguazu from Foz do Iguacu Jan 18, Is there a good place to watch NFL games in Puerto Iguazú?.
can you guy give me a tip how to get there the most fastest way I live in Buenos Aires and i've gone three times to Iguazu Falls, one of my.
I know the bustrip from Iguazu Falls -> RIO is about 24 hours. But buses fro Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu are very good, you can take ''Suite'' or ''Cama'' Tam do this flight and I dont remember if Gol is doing this route. To get to the brazilian side simply get on a bus to Foz and from the bus station get. best way to get to iguazu falls from buenos aires Impressive Devil's throat Iguazu falls in Argentina Brazil [ edit ]. Please note: National Park fees are not included. Getting there is expensive. Flights to Puerto Iguazu. The bus may or may not stop at the Brazilian border new york sports club jobs but will stop at the Argentine border checkpoint, where your passport will be stamped visitors from US, Canada and Australia need to have pre-purchased a visa 'reciprocal' fee online and have the printout for immigration. Border crossing between these countries is fairly relaxed - authorities assume most people are on a day trip across the border.