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Lunaris brave frontier stats

lunaris brave frontier stats

Pfft. Signas ATT> Lunaris ATT. I just took a peak at her stats and I would have to say something like Guardian>Lord>Breaker>Anima>Oracle.
Stats, HP, ATK, DEF, REC. Base, Lord, Anima, Breaker.
Stats, HP, ATK, DEF, REC. Base, 884. Lord, Anima, Breaker.

Lunaris brave frontier stats - contest

In terms of damage her ubb should give a decent boost, but the increase OD gauge could be super useful in Terminus since it could potentially allow you to fill it fast enough to get an extra ubb off that you wouldn't be able to otherwise, meaning higher score. She has such high stats that it's really difficult to rank her typings, please take these with an extra grain of salt. Just cleanse before attacking for atk down, cleanse before end of turn for rec. JP: Monthly Events - February.. Create your own and start something epic.
Oh wait - it's empty! I mentioned this annoyed me on Alyut, but here we are again - Lunaris has bad BC gen outside of her normal attacks. Anyway, noone seems really "meta defining" in this batch. You won't be able to vote or comment. Can't find a community you love? It's pretty unfair to Will. It's unfortunate, as you might have think of an entirely new squad composition to fit him in. Brave Frontier Global Exclusive Avani Unit Review (VS Trial X4) ブレフログローバル版【「アヴァ二」ユニットレビュー】

Lunaris brave frontier stats - las

You found this text. She still has good normal attack DC. Lunaris is for nerdz lel. Her UBB is interesting and potentially can be useful. Let's step on Will's LS a little.