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Odds of rolling doubles on 3d6

odds of rolling doubles on 3d6

There are 36 unique possible combination, and 6 of them are doubles, so that's 6 /36 chances (and since 6 goes into 36, 6 times, this reduces to  chance of double 6s with 6 dice? - Forum - DakkaDakka.
Roll 3d6 again and if two doubles come up, then its a critical? . The chance of rolling double 6's or double 1's on 3d6 is around 7% (15 out of.
The thinking here is that there's a 1/6 probability of rolling a 6 on each die, and What is the probability of rolling doubles (not triples) on 3d6?. Some Kind of Nightmare Live At Blind Bob's Bar odds of rolling doubles on 3d6

Odds of rolling doubles on 3d6 - basketball

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