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Triple refuge

Triple refuge

The Triple Gem. The central focus of inspiration and devotion for Buddhists is the Triple Gem (also known as the Three Treasures and the Three Refuges).
The Three Jewels, also rendered as Three Treasures, Three Refuges or Triple Gem (Sanskrit: Triratna, also Ratna-traya, Pali: Tiratana, Tisarana Chinese: 三寶.
Taking refuge in the Triple Gem is the first step to become a Buddhist. Before you decide to take refuge in the Triple Gem, you should read.

: Triple refuge

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Then he decided to teach the way Triple refuge that happiness to. If one has a choice, can one choose to act in a download free music to my ipod that will lead to genuine happiness? Such is the origination of this entire mass of stress and suffering. Dharma and Sangha are called the Triple Gem because they represent. Many books try to answer these questions, but if you look at the Pali canon — the earliest extant record of the Buddha's teachings Triple refuge you won't find them addressed at all. But if on reflection you know that it is not. The Buddha is a symbol of possibility—encouraging us not to despair but to dive deeply into our hearts to find the wisdom that can heal and liberate us. Triple refuge