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Understanding sports over under

understanding sports over under

NFL over under betting is the second most popular type of NFL betting. be confused by Over Under Betting, but it is very easy to learn and understand once.
Totals betting, also known by the name NFL over under bets, has become a popular form of football wagering, rivalling the point spread in some cases.
Over Under odds, or 'totals' betting, is growing in popularity and is often the best wager you can make on a game. Let's face it – some games are a toss-up and. Smart sports bettors will always try hard to find the best numbers and prices possible when it comes to point spreads and moneylines. Understanding sports over under we come to what could be the most common type of bet, which is the point spread. Here in this example we have the Cowboys taking on the Giants. Totals are included in the live odds feed here at, so you can always find the league page you want and dig into the numbers. GOT Odds: Who Will Be Ruling Westeros? NFL Betting Odds Explained.
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The wager is made on the actual total from the game going over or under the installed line. The underdog pays off in two instances—if they. And betting on over unders can be an issue of timing as well. BB stands for back-to-back — when teams are playing games on consecutive days. If you see a line move significantly, the public may be responding to a situation you are not aware of, like a suspension.