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Vampire requiem clan quiz

vampire requiem clan quiz

[Geist: Balance of Shadows ][ Vampire: The Conspiracy of Hrad Černá Hora I think the quiz is polling based on external stereotypes more than traits that a . but I'm going to assume that the quiz is biased towards the main Clan stereotypes based on Sect. Ortam + Malkavia makes a Requiem fun.
The Camarilla Test - An online Vampire the Masquerade personality quiz. So you want to know which of the seven clans of the Camarilla you'd belong to if.
This quiz is designed to help my PCs decide what kind of vampire clan they want to play in Vampire: the Requiem. (If you have no idea what game this is.

Vampire requiem clan quiz - party

You walk towards your prey as the hunger begins to overwhelm your senses. The modern nights standard Sabbat Cainites of those two clans I don't fit, but the older members of the Clans, and more independent minded factions within the Clans I think I would score higher with. She says this girl is a potential childe. What do you see? You need to complete your basic info on the mobile app before you can use the desktop site. I offer her a cigarette and usher her off outside before she can say no.

Las: Vampire requiem clan quiz

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Vampire requiem clan quiz Sizzling hot casino game play free
The low score on Brujah is odd to me as. OkCupid Join the best free dating site on Earth. I sincerely deny the events he is talking. You move silently through the crowd, eyeing everyone in your sight. Damn I knew it. This is my mod voice. A private herd to help keep myself out of attention.