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Wizard101 mirage badges

wizard101 mirage badges

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Click here for area pricing for Mirage and its locations. Those who have completed the required quest will have the badge “Defender of Land.
When trying to get the Aggrobah enforcer badge for the faction vendor. I noticed it entails defeating 50 rival gang members. But I only got credit  Badge for completing pre-nerf Mirage. wizard101 mirage badges MIRAGE TABBI APARTMENT CRAFTED - WIZARD101 And there are many more changes and minor updates to the game! You might have heard that there are new Apartments in Mirage as well as one in the Arcanum. Guide to the Winter Wonder Pack. Ignus will then sell you recipes so you can begin crafting Wizard101 mirage badges Weapons. But I only got credit for defeating Thuggies and not for the other two rival gang types. Reviewed by The Fabulous K.

Wizard101 mirage badges - how make

I have set up this guide for you to help you find them. This is a new type of vendor who only sells you items when you unlock a special badge associated with them. Stars of the Spiral. If I spy ONE negative comment in the section, I will ban you! I forget their names. Thank you for sending a comment! This passive statistic can turn single pips into power pips and even occasionally give you a pip back.