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Alexa slot type string

alexa slot type string

template a string to generate utterances from. slots The type must be one of Amazon's supported slot types: LITERAL, NUMBER, DATE, TIME.
I'm new to writing Alexa skills and want to write a skill to store the speaker's words. save {whatever i say}', it should save the words in some string. LITERAL slot type, this intent will be able to capture any arbitrary phrase.
Introduction. The Alexa Skills Kit now provides improved built-in slot types (DATE, NUMBER, and so on) and new custom slot types for collecting custom values. The three utterances shown above are condensed to a single sample utterance: The built-in types are now designated with the AMAZON namespace to differentiate them from the previous version. Note: you may want to copy your intent schema and sample utterances into text files, do the updates below, and then copy the data back to your skill in the developer portal. The twelve sample utterances for the horoscope skill are condensed to a single sample utterance In addition, you can use the same custom slot type watch footloose online free hd multiple slots in the same skill, so you only need to define the set of values. If you are using the ntclibyaus.orgL type to collect free-form alexa slot type string. Subscribe to the Blog. The interaction model is all "hard-coded. alexa slot type string