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Games with starburst candy

games with starburst candy

This game requires a bag of Starburst candy, enough for everyone in the group to have 4-5. Tell the youth to each take 4-5, but they are not to eat them.
Starburst Game: Write a question for each color of starburst and one extra. If you don't have starburst —you can use any type of candy that you would like.
Candy Introductions is a get-to-know-you game that helps people learn new facts about each other in an easy way. They select various pieces.
Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Would You Rather Questions. They can be any candy type, but not too many choices limit it to around five or six different varieties. Shae Pepper, Managing Director. The young people then take it in turns throwing all the pieces of candy so that they each get a turn. games with starburst candy

Games with starburst candy - full version

Learn how to play the saran wrap Christmas ball game here. This activity is perfect! Shae Pepper, Managing Director. Can you name the Starburst Candy Flavors? Create brackets or pair everyone up and have them play against each other. The Starburst Game