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Poker in dominican republic

poker in dominican republic

Casino Poker rooms? Watch this Topic. Which Punta Cana See all 450 hotels in Dominican Republic. 1-7 of 7 replies. Sorted by. Oldest first.
Playing live and online poker in the Dominican Republic and a look at the country's poker and gambling laws.
There is plenty of poker activity in Santo Domingo, with a wide variety of casinos offering Texas Hold'em, Hold'em (a Dominican specialty), and Omaha. poker in dominican republic Popular Punta Cana Categories. To win the jackpot, you must make quads or better, using both cards in your hand and for quads, you must be holding a pair. Online Poker for Mac. The dealers were also generally serious but not quite as uptight as the floor supervisors. Texas hold em in the dominican republic my experiences.