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Revelation online gunslinger build

revelation online gunslinger build

I am currently playing a Gunslinger on the Chinese server and using this website (not mine) when referencing skills: Revelation Online Index Let's go over some basic skill rotations and which skills are the most important. [ Guide ] Gunslinger - Scharfschütze - Revelation Online.
Recommended Builds Limit Flow: F recommended stats I see physical listed for vanguard swordmage and gunslinger.. so physical must be  [ Guide ] Weapon-sizing and comparison (all Classes.
I'm planning to write skill guides for all classes in Revelation Online and I will start with my main character. Actually most of the time I play as.
revelation online gunslinger build Revelation

Revelation online gunslinger build - address parliament

The way it works is, as you put more points into a specific stat, the amount of points you need to increase that stat by one point goes up. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. Gunslinger is a DPS-class that has high single-target damage and the longest range in the game. This guide will take a quick look at the Gunslinger class of Revelation Online , and help you decide whether or not this is the right class for you by explaining most, if not all, of its skills as well as its gameplay style. This is class is master of range focus on using dual gun short range burst and sniper riffle long range armor-penetrating DPS. Hoping for more info to come.