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Walther 22 pocket pistol

walther 22 pocket pistol

A look at a really neat little handgun, is an older reveiw, but worth watching. If you are a fan of this.
The Walther TP and TPH handguns are extremely compact double-action lightweight semiautomatic pistols in. 22 produced in Germany and (by Interarms) in the US. Pistols in this size range are sometimes referred to as pocket pistols.
by JP in MT. Ruger SR22 vs. Walther P22. Last year, with a collection of Browning Buckmarks, I decided I wanted a 22 LR pistol in a smaller. I also got an email from about P-Mags for the AR. His calling is to show ordinary people how to become better prepared for an walther 22 pocket pistol future. Ruger Mach series, great guns and very accurate. The Walther can also be carried with the safety on, a round in the chamber, and the hammer back Condition One. Survival MD - Your Key To Survival After TEOTWAWKI Words for Preppers to Live By. Ahmen Sir… This style of posting is what helps me connect the dots and make a good choice. Cock, de-cock, dry fire, release the mags .