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Know when to fold em

know when to fold em

To be aware of probabilities and consequences; know the score: Jackson knows instinctively how to bluff and bargain, when to hold ' em and when to fold ' em.
"You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold ' em, know when to walk away, know when to run." - Kenny Rogers quotes from
Know When to Fold ' Em is a challenge in Fallout: New Vegas. The player must lose 5 hands of Caravan. Kenny Rogers - The Gambler Skip to Site Navigation. What does it say about our society if on TV A one of the best lawyers in the biz is not a real lawyer SUITS and B one of the best lawman in the biz is not a real lawman BANSHEE or POI, pick one! If by "they surrender" he means that the Unstoppable Force gives up trying to move the Immoveable Object, then it's not Unstoppable. Lucifer counters that he lost with pride at least, the validity of which is up to the readers to decide. In both Caves of Ice and Cain's Last StandCain is going head-to-head with the enemies of the Imperium know when to fold em a desperate defensive battle.

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