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New poke stop tracking

new poke stop tracking

Remember when Pokemon GO got a new system for finding nearby the new system instead tells you which PokéStop a Pokemon is near.
One Redditor, nepbug, noted that the closest Pokestop was 1/2 mile How do you feel about the new Sightings and Nearby tracker changes?.
The New "Nearby" Tracker Rollout (Finally) Expands! It had been You're shown any species within the interaction radius of these PokeStops.
POKEMON GO - BEST WORKING TRACKER!! Signed in as My Profile. I do not live nor work near a Pokestop and now I have zero Pokemon in my nearby panel. It was so bad that a host of third party trackers gained a lot of popularity, but Niantic Labs - makers of Pokemon Go - kept shutting down the trackers, leaving dedicated hunters crying for help. This is not very helpful. I can confirm that when I am at home in new poke stop tracking rural area my "sightings" list is always. Oh, so there's a Pidgey by yonder PokeStop, two towns away? new poke stop tracking