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Orlando Anderson

Orlando Anderson

"On the night of the Tyson-Seldon fight, a friend of Suge Knight's came up to Tupac and whispered that he had spotted Orlando Anderson in the.
Orlando Tive "Baby Lane" Anderson (August 13, 1974 – May 29, was an alleged affiliate of the South Side Crips and a person of interest in the.
He even got the nerve to give interviews after the shooting on Pac, he got a weird and arrogant style. I feel sad.

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It is standard prelude to a gang fight: 'Where you from? Have you had any troubles because you were named as a suspect in Tupac's killing? Real life and art became confused. No one was ever arrested but no one was ever ruled out as a suspect, either. Orlando Andereson can't even defend his own story since he was shot and killed in an altercation. But nothing indicates when the documents were created.

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In reality, much of their affidavit only detailed what members of Blood gangs and their associates at Death Row Records were saying about an alleged Crip. Actually, in the hundreds of stories filed after Tupac's death, very little was ever written about Orlando: he was just 'a known gang banger' - as Americans call gang members - or 'a Crip', 'the suspect in the murder of Tupac Shakur'. He doesn't deny that his brother was involved in local gangs in his early teens, but says he was too smart to stay involved. He was a fan who claimed to own all of Tupac's records. The gaudy cover blared: 'WHO did it and WHY? Where is the money, then? Yet you said you lived next door. I seen him on next gen gamingslots videotape later Where we from in Compton, our first instinct - after beeing assaulted, insulted, shoe stepped on - is to Orlando Anderson. It was a Orlando Anderson South Central family history, in many ways. I:So, nobody in your immediate family bangs? I ask Pooh about the rumours that Suge paid Orlando to testify in his favour. Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store.