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Superslot wireless receiver

superslot wireless receiver

Can anyone link me to information on what the superslot is all about? From Sound Sound Devices SL-6 Compatible Wireless Receivers.
Super Slot Dual Channel Wireless Receiver With Top Mounted 5pin Audio Out, Digital Hybrid Audio, With Mounting Kit Adapter For Use With Sound Devices.
SuperSlot and the SuperSlot logo are trademarks of Sound Devices, LLC A SuperSlot client is typically a wireless receiver or transmitter. The. superslot wireless receiver All I am saying is remote controlling the transmitter is a lot more important then controlling the receiver. Submit a Sales Olga Verbiţchi Support Inquiry. I found this on Superslot wireless receiver sound site:. For it to be truly successful, they should have in place either a reasonable licensing mechanism for other manufacturers Cameras and competing audio companies to incorporate this technology, otherwise it risks being a flash-in-the-pan-format. I am fairly sure Zaxcom was the first to remote control a transmitter. Memory and Hard Drives. Technology Revealed: Inside the SL-6