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Top 20 free games for android 2015

top 20 free games for android 2015

Top 20 Best Casual Android Games 2015 Top 10 FREE HD Android Games 2015 Top 20 Must Have.
High Graphic Games #8: There are a lot of amazing games available in play store.
From thrilling shooters to fighting games and puzzlers, here are the 20 best free Android games.

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Roadhouse reels mobile casino Perchang is a great game for making you feel like a colossal idiot. Download Ridge Racer Accelerated Given that this is the eighth title in the Asphalt series, it probably comes as no surprise Fundraising at panda got a bit bored having sports cars merely zoom along at breakneck speeds and drift for ludicrous distances. If that sounds like too much, a one-off IAP unlocks checkpoints. Clearing the deck and amassing points requires careful strategy and a little luck, not least given how rapidly the lower stacks. Download Ridge Racer Accelerated. As you swipe, your little tomb-raider leaps from surface to surface, trying to outrun an encroaching wall of doom, avoid spikes, and grab all the bling.
Volume element Take your hero out on quests, hunt for treasure, and take on bosses when you're ready. Rather neatly, the game's also free games risk downloads game quite done when your hexagon's gone — you get a few seconds during a 'last call' to frantically tap away at remaining blocks and add to your score. There are also a few others including Rooms of Doom. The little protagonist hops about, weaving in-between traffic, and carefully navigating rivers by way of floating logs. Obviously it's a lot harder than that makes it sound. Freeyou slide numbered cards around a tiny grid, merging pairs to increase their values and make room for new cards.
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Both games look great, play well, and have unique mechanics for this genre. It features tons of elements from the original games, including actual town and dungeon explorations, hidden treasures, secret dungeons, and tons of lore. Trusted Reviews is part of the Time Inc. You complete levels by creating words out of letters that are adjacent to each other in the grid. Objectively, Flappy Bird was a bit rubbish, but it did kick off a ton of 'tributes'. Cute critter Om-Nom in Cut the Rope is the Daniel Day-Lewis of puzzle games, with a BAFTA amid his haul of gaming awards. Yes, the insanely popular online card game Hearthstone has been squashed down to fit your phone or tablet screen - and it works surprisingly well.
Only he's gangly and awkward, so it's actually quite a timing and precision masterclass. What really makes this game worthy of inclusion on our list is the graphics. Every now and again, you get to face off against a huge and bizarre boss, such as an American Eagle flinging missiles and 'patriotism' in your general direction. You can play on a level up system or against the clock. It's a very simple game, that could become quickly addictive. GYRO is exactly the sort of thing we like - a clever new idea that makes the most out of today's touchable devices. top 20 free games for android 2015