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TV Sports Boxing

TV Sports Boxing

also known as ABC Wide World of Sports Boxing. TV Sports: Boxing - Double Barrel Screenshot. Information: Chipset: ECS/OCS - Year released.
Create your own boxer, customize his appearance, and work your way up the rankings to become the number one. During play you can upgrade your players.

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Download TV Sports: Boxing. Your e-mail will NEVER be used for spam. The fighting itself is a lot of fun and requires skills as well as reflexes. Your goal is to fight your way to higher rankings and eventually champion. Just one click to download at full speed! TV Sports Boxing

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Welcome to the world of customizable boxing, where you create your own boxer, match him up against thirty computer opponents, and see how he stands up to the opposition over an entire career. Reminds of my childhood! You start with a team of trainer and promoter. Cinemaware ended its acclaimed TV Sports series on a high note, with a game that remains one of the best boxing games ever made. It is sometimes very hard to control your fighter. The higher ranking your opponent is, the more money you make from a fight.