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How to remove foxing on paper

how to remove foxing on paper

FOXING STAINS on BOOKS & PAPERS - CONTENTS: Definition of Foxing Stains on Books, Papers, Photographs: cause, cure, prevention. What causes rusty stains or foxing marks on books and paper? This article defines book & paper foxing - those reddish-brown stains found on some old books ‎ CAUSES of RUSTY or FOXING · ‎ HOW TO EXAMINE FOXING STAINS.
Foxing is a horrible phenomenon that affects all card and paper items. This, I hope will shed a little light on.
How to determine damange and what to do if prints are deteriorating. USE: for removal of foxing, mildew and discoloration stains. The bleaching bath is. how to remove foxing on paper Wimpole Estate Book Conservation