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The Phaistos Disc is a disk of fired clay from the Minoan palace of Phaistos on the island of Crete, possibly dating to the middle or late Minoan Bronze Age  Discovered ‎: ‎July 3, ‎ Phaistos ‎, ‎ Crete.
Ancient City of Phaistos, Sivas: See 616 reviews, articles, and 475 photos of Ancient City of Phaistos on TripAdvisor.
Scientists have been trying to decipher the mysterious “ Phaistos Disk” ever since the clay disk was discovered in 1908 on the.

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Excavations have unearthed a rich historical strata, and some ruins date back to neolithic times. Its purpose and meaning, and even its original geographical place of manufacture, remain disputed, making it one of the most famous mysteries of archaeology. Word study tool for ancient languages. Phaistos had its own currency and had created an alliance with other autonomous Cretan cities, and with the king of Pergamon Eumenes II. Phaistos Project: Italo-Greek archaeological surveys in the city and territory of Phaistos This article contains special characters. Some signs are close enough to both Linear A and Linear B that a few scholars [ who? Apart from the direct.

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No Linear B has been found at Phaistos, and yet tradition and the Knossos tablets suggest that Phaistos was a dependency of Knossos. Been to Ancient City of Phaistos? Bronze Age works from Phaistos include bridge spouted bowls , eggshell cups, tall jars and large pithoi. The buildings are arranged around expansive courtyards following the uneven surface of the hill, and with their walls enclose the panorama of the Messara plain and Mount Idi to the south and North respectively. Ideon Andron Cave , a sacred cave on Mt Ida. Create a book Download as PDF Printable version. Journal of Near Eastern Studies. Want the lowest hotel prices? The raised processional walkway which traverses the western Phaistos diagonally in the old palace connected this area to the main courtyard after an abrupt turn at the south end of the palace. You have to walk a little, through facebook pizza hut coupon paved road until the entrance of the archaeological site where there is the "Phaistos Xenia", a complex of cafe - restaurant, shops with post-cards, guide-books, maps. The site itself on a good fine day gives excellent views across the Messara plains. Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Phaistos page. Follow the paved path next to Phaistos car park to Flamingo Field open area in front of the ticket booth.