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However, Krahulik later apologized on the Penny Arcade website, stating that he regretted contributing to the furor  Author(s) ‎: ‎ Jerry Holkins ‎; ‎ Mike Krahulik.
Dickwolves refers to a lengthy incident involving Gaming comic Penny Arcade and its perpetuation of rape culture. Background. In August Penny Arcade.
So let me start by saying I like the Dickwolves strip. I think it's a strong comic and I still think the joke is funny. Would we make that strip today?. dickwolves Not as a professional. There is no longer a clear line between uncomfortable silence and complicity — and more members dickwolves the gaming and comics communities are beginning to speak. In response, the site's creators, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, adopted a siege mentality with respect to criticism. Create your own and start something epic. Follow Us On Facebook. Popular Videos - Mike Krahulik & PAX

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