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Ipad mini gaming battery life

ipad mini gaming battery life

The battery on the iPad mini 2 is 50% bigger than its predecessor, but I playing a couple of higher-res games before you hit 80% battery life.
The Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact has also caught up when it comes to gaming performance, as the iPad mini 2's score of in our.
Battery life in all of our tests is at worst unchanged from the mini, but at current 3D gaming workloads you'll see similar battery life out of the.
Apple iPad Mini - How to Extend Battery Life and Keep Battery Healthy

Ipad mini gaming battery life - state:

Ten Million Post Contest. Furthermore the iPad Mini is just so slim and light that it is a pure joy to use. There are many legitimate things to criticise Apple products for but build quality is not one of them. When he uses it for a few hours I usually end up having to charge it that night I always charge overnight. You do not get headphones with it or even an adapter to connect it to anything you already own?