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Super Hokuto

Super Hokuto

HOKKAIDO X / Sightseeing - Train, SUPER HOKUTO en/ Rapid Train “ Super Hokuto.
I am looking at places in norther Japan and a lot of the places I want to go to require LTD. EXP SUPER HOKUTO trains to get to them.
Operator: JR Hokkaido Service: Hakodate Main Line - Super Hokuto Limited Express Train Type: KiHa 261. SUPER NINTENDO - Hokuto no Ken 6 - Gekitou Denshouken Haou e no Michi Super Hokuto

Super Hokuto - contested quick

Previous Post Guide to plan your trip. There is a concourse at the center of the map from top to bottom. Read more about JP Note that this is for Hokkaido. Send to Email Address.
How to book KTM Intercity tickets online. If you take a local train on Hakodate line or Esashi line, you will catch a train on those trucks. Your comment will not be shown until I approve. Tohoku, Hokkaido,Akita and Yamagata. Yokohama, Kamakura, Yokosuka, Odawara.