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Wizard challenge best deck

wizard challenge best deck

Bowler Miner Control Deck for Electro Wizard Challenge. Pros Electro Wizard also counter Elite Barbarians pretty good. Bowler + Electro.
Best Electro Wizard Deck for Electro Wizard Challenge for ALL ARENAS! Get 12 wins and Unlock the.

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The first tip I would like to recommend you is using your deck that help you a lot in the ladder. Similar to the first deck, this Hog Rider deck has Fireball bait combo with Elite Barbarian, Elixir Collector, and Electro-Wizard. They are Meta in the ladder because you are not sure what cards the enemy has. How would you deal with giant graveyard and other beat down pushes with no building. Source: REDDIT Consider a Miner Control, Beatdown or Siege Deck — With players having the opportunity to pick any cards they want in their deck, you can guarantee these battles will be a brutish bloodbath.

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Thanks for posting a guide on it giving more detail. As soon as I see the hound I'm cycling to Ice Golem and Elite barbs right away! Golem decks are depending very much on Golem itself rather than the other troops. Mega Minion is quite easy. Ice Golem is great for shutting down troops Zap normally does, such as Skeleton Army and Minions, and the Zap Wizard can take care of cards such as Inferno Dragon and Sparky. wizard challenge best deck
Please wizard challenge best deck your, success, failure, thoughts, and questions below! Besides, any ground units like Elite Barbarian, regular Barbarian, Skeletons, and even Electro-Wizard would be taken down by Bomb Tower very quickly. In overall, this deck is using Hot heads racing and research or Ice Golem as a tank for Graveyard. Fireball — Fireball is a necessary card in this deck because it kill Electro Wizard. What is Clash Royale. Therefore, I put this deck at the last one. This will kill them instantly.