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Immortal vampire diaries

immortal vampire diaries

What if the Originals family wasn't immortal? Sure, it seems like a silly question now, but in a recent Entertainment Weekly article, Vampire.
Immortality is the state of having an infinite lifespan possessed by Immortals, Original Vampires, Vampires, Hybrids, Sirens and on rare occasions, Witches.
At the Exhibition of the First Immortal, Professor Atticus Shane gave a presentation on the.

Immortal vampire diaries - free

Freya comes in casting her spell but as Marcel tries to stop her Elijah restrains him. When she found out Silas' plan to give immortality to another woman , she buried him, knowing that she couldn't kill him. Look, it won't be easy. While the Originals can be killed by the White Oak Stake , from the source of their immortality, Silas is seemingly truly immortal and invulnerable to any weapon or weakness unless he takes the Cure.. Freya was able to create a sigil that allowed her to bind, weaken, and inflict excruciating pain onto Lucien Castle despite his enhanced abilities. In Down the Rabbit Hole , Bonnie , Jeremy , and Shane go down to the bottom of the tomb to raise him. She unwillingly leaves with an unknown guy she was dancing with.
Mystic Falls High School. He was then told what is needed in immortal vampire diaries to raise Silas, who could in turn revive her and his son, Sam. I Was Feeling Epic. Freya and Vincent are seen enacting the rest of the former's plan. The term "immortal" is used to describe the species into which Silas and Amarathe very first immortal beings in historywere transformed when they consumed the immortality elixir created by the witch Qetsiyah.