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Rocket for the Girl

Rocket for the Girl

Rocket. A girl who is so eye-wateringly attractive, that all adjectives which may be used to describe her flounder at the attempt, and of whom upon a mere fleeting.
Videoklip a text písně Rocket for the Girl od Everclear. You are the sad girl who lost her rocket I had a dream about you About a year before we fell in lo.
My friend wants her first motorcycle. (She rides a scooter now) She wants the look of a "crotch rocket " and she hates cruisers. Is there anything.

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Is there anything out there that someone only five feet tall could ride? So please stop pushing me away. I will spend it all to heal your world. Add a new song discussion. You help me find a new song. You are my everything, everyday. Rocket For The Girl. Everclear - AM Radio

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I will build a rocket for the girl. You help me find a new song. You gotta let go of the pain. I really want you back and I only did that because I was confused. You ruin me for anybody else. Rocket for the Girl