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Walmart rolling six month period

walmart rolling six month period

So, what is the absence policy Wal-mart, and to be fair, other retailers have? It's a complicated system of Rolling sick days in a six month period.
With Walmart's attendance policy stating that attendance points roll off after 6 months, An associate is allowed 3 points in a 6 month period.
I understand rolling to mean an absence drops off 6 months from a set 6 month period so his plan is to use 8 callouts before the new period.

Walmart rolling six month period - bejeweled games

Here's where it impacts the community. And I know people will downvote this, which is really kinda repulsive. Any answers will appreciated. Please log in or sign up to continue.. They could take time off to spend with their families and 'live better' as Walmart says.. Can someone help me out with this? I also had personal days, and vacation days. walmart rolling six month period

Basketball: Walmart rolling six month period

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Walmart rolling six month period When you explain this to workers with more sane sick day policies they say, well I only get so many sick days a calendar year, at least yours drops off. If I can live like this, others can. Posted in walmart rolling six month period Wal Mart Stores Forum. Share your thoughts with the world. Curiouskat wrote: Will my occurrences that I accrued after the new PTO policy disappear or is it permanent? I think I should be based on what I have heard but just wanted to ask.
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