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What are the odds of having twins twice

what are the odds of having twins twice

Hello there Lisa!! I have 4 year twins too!! and I am also about six weeks along again!! I think I may be having another ntclibyaus.orgring in the belly.
If you have had fraternal twins already, your chance of having another set quadruples. This is because most women who conceive fraternals.
We are concidering having more children in the next few years, but are just wondering if the chances of conceiving twins again is higher once. what are the odds of having twins twice

What are the odds of having twins twice - agents

What are the odds? I hope that you have a very healthy pregnancy with two very healthy babies! I heard from someone you can do a test to see if you ovulate two eggs every time. I don't know anyone with more than one set of twins in RL. For decreasing your chance of twins to Hawaii! No fertility drugs, no strong family now! There is no history of twins on either side.
I'm a multiple multiples mom! By clicking "It's Free - Start Now" you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Your chances of seeing double or more go up if: You have twins in your family. Who knows, maybe I started as a twin also? Find Groups Near You. But they don't run in my family and I have checked my family history and there is nothing on it.