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Fisheye lens

Fisheye lens

A fisheye lens is a special type of ultra-wide angle lens. Behind a dome port, fisheye lenses perform better optically than regular wide-angle lenses. The Sigma 8mm, Sigma Tokina Nikon Nikon Olympus 8mm, Inon and the Canon 15mm are all.
Fisheye lenses are often considered a 'no-no' among professional landscape and cityscape photographers. People see them as not much.
A fisheye lens is designed for shooting very wide angles, usually 180 degrees. They are popular in landscape, extreme sport, and artistic photography.

Fisheye lens - official

Underwater Camera Maintenance Don't Melt Your Lens - Literally. Made in Puget Sound. Ocean Art Wide-Angle Winner. Although people often think of a fisheye lens as wider than a rectilinear lens, it's important to note that at the same focal length, a subject at the center of a fisheye lens will be magnified the same amount as a rectilinear lens. Here's one from the other night of an interesting cloud over my town at night.

Values: Fisheye lens

Fisheye lens Creating Simple and Strong Compositions. Manta Ray Night Dive. Get the Most from Fisheye lens Photo Workshop. Behind a dome port, fisheye lenses perform better optically than regular wide-angle lenses. Understanding your underwater camera settings. To find the equivalent focal length of a lens, you need to multiply its focal length by the camera's "crop factor".
DRAGON E TIGER BALM Dispatch from Yap, Micronesia. Some fisheye lenses are zooms! Thanks for the great information James! Do you use a flash? As already mentioned, Fisheyes Fisheye lens fantastic for Architecture. Digital versus film photography. Photo Dispatch from Alor, Indonesia.
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Fish Eye Lens
Some fisheye lenses are zooms! What's in the Camera Bag: Ron Watkins. The curved horizon completes this image by making a full circle. You can also get some great deals by shopping online through sites like Amazon Fisheye lens Adorama. Into the game ohh and one more thing you prob never though of doing plant photography!! The Wild Side of the Channel Islands.