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(Gogoselachus) fossil in Most people know that sharks have a distinctive, all-cartilage skeleton, but now a fossil from. Western Australia.
Gogoselachus lynbeazleyae is represented by a set of associated elements which were probably held together by ligaments and muscular.
† Gogoselachus lynbeazelyae Long et al., Holotype: WAM Type locality: Circa 60 km SE of Fitzroy Crossing, north Western.

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D, articulation area for pectoral fin articulation on left scapulocoracoid for comparison. Discover a faster, simpler path to publishing in a high-quality journal. Three such scales two c. Geosciences, Museum Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Affiliation. Back in the lab, I prepared the specimen in dilute acetic acid, which slowly dissolved away the limestone rock surrounding the fossil.