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Horse racing exotic wager calculator horse

horse racing exotic wager calculator horse

Our trifecta calculator betting tool allows you to quickly and simply calculate the cost of any win or exotic bet type. A trifecta bet is where you select the first 3 horses in any given race in order. A trifecta can also be referred to as a treble bet.
Horse racing selctions and analysis for every track in the nation. Download Exotic Wager Calculator Version 2 - Click this link. In the following examples number 1 represents your "single key" horse which is part of Group A (top 4 picks).
By Dana Byerly, Hello Race Fans Co-founder An easy rule of thumb to remember for determining the cost of exotic wagers is to multiply the number of horses in each 2 (two horses on top) x 4 (two horses on bottom) x 2 (cost of wager) = Here is a site for an exotic wagering calculator that includes the. Each trifecta is slightly different as is the method for working out the cost of each trifecta bet. Lastly, I follow a ratings system that is in the racebook, called Techform. Group B will also be added to the fourth slot. Our trifecta calculator can calculate the cost of each of these different bet types and do the maths for you. And what do those odds pay? Part Wheel Superfecta Wager.

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Click Here for UNLIMITED ACCESS to ALL REPORTS for ALL TRACKS!. Check back for more info, and most importantly have a great time at the Derby! To help avoid this from ever happening again ha ha!! Of course, everything depends on the pool size, but on major races, it is usually big. Superfecta involves the prediction of the first four finishers of the race in the exact order. Bet types are defined throughout our site for easy comprehension. Our bet calculator is designed to simplify the process of calculating various bet types.

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Horse racing exotic wager calculator horse Panda jam game free download for mobile
KEYWORD JAVA Trifecta Box: Similar to the exacta box, the trifecta box involves predicting the first three finishers of the race, regardless of the order. Exotic bets on the other hand, are more complex and exciting. As a bettor, it is best that you differentiate between the two and specify what kind of bet you are wagering on. Our Box Trifecta Calculator below computes the costs of boxing combinations for any trifecta bet. Another example using the same horses: you could play Nyquist and Exaggerator in all three spots and the other three in second and third spot. Head Trainer Tom Morley — Honesty Is His Trademark.
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