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How do casino card shufflers work

how do casino card shufflers work

Read on to find out what they would rather you not know. Single deck blackjack. Wow! Las Vegas casinos are bringing back those good ole single deck blackjack games. the just used 6/8 decks of cards into the shuffler and places the just shuffled 6/8 decks of cards into the dealing shoe. Here's how this secret works.
The odds against the player in blackjack do not change when an automatic shuffler is used on the table to shuffle the multi-decks of cards. If the casino were.
Some auto shufflers have optical capability: they can read the cards as they are For what legal reason would a casino want to do that? Auto shuffler knows what the cards are - Table Games. Casino&Cards: Shuffle like a croupier

How do casino card shufflers work - official

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how do casino card shufflers work