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Quad 9as

quad 9as

Quad, the distinguished British audio brand, is delighted to unveil the 9AS ; a pair of compact active speakers combining top-notch build quality, excellent audio.
Quad is proud to introduce the 9AS, based on the mini-monitor concept of the deservedly popular Quad 9L. The 9AS is a brand new active monitor design.
Active speakers with a high-resolution DAC and versatile digital connections? The Quad 9AS speakers certainly piqued our interest. Based on. quad 9as
A better mix of computer acoustics - it's certainly, USB. Because of this starting to sound brighter than the middle, "heavier" low-middle quad 9as, it seems less quad 9as bass. But for desktop high-faille - direction, which is now carried away many - it really chic bid. Here winning felt immediately - and by how much sound is organic, and the increased neutrality, and three-dimensional sound image with a fairly clearly defined and quite tangible images. However, I would not say that this mode there is something cuts - it is only slightly restricts the dynamics on a wide range of NP. How to Jetpack in Battlefield 4 - BF4 Clip