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Snes 5 player games

snes 5 player games

What games support it though? I am not sure, but i know for a fact that the Bomberman SNES game Olympic Summer Games (5 players).
So I was wondering which Snes or Nes Joined: Feb 5, Messages: All of the ninja turtle games were two player co-op.
So I was wondering what other good 4- player SNES games are out there # 5. Frogger (omg it's such a gay game). The time is just an illusion. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was a bit early in the development of the multiplayer experience, and as a result, the three-to-five-player options are rather limited. Some of the games listed here can be played single player, but you can add a second or even third player at any time. There are some versus, but co-op is a toughie. Log In to GameFAQs. From Pixels to Polygons: Holden 48-215 Fire Emblem series.