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Software wizard definition

software wizard definition

Wizard definition, a person who practices magic; magician or sorcerer. Computers. a software feature that guides users through complex procedures with.
Wizard Definition - A wizard is a piece of software that simplifies complicated tasks, or instructs a user about how to complete a task. As a.
Basically, a wizard acts as a guide for creating a new document in a software program. Though wizards can be helpful, sometimes they can be more of a hassle.
Microsoft Windows Hardware Management. Candida Moss, Joel Baden. And more than ever before, there are options for how to provide it. TERM OF THE DAY. A wizard is a computer utility designed to simplify the execution of lengthy or complicated task s. SolidCAM iMachining Training Course - Exer #3: Define the rough machining of the outside shape (PL) software wizard definition