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Dragon spitzlead

dragon spitzlead

Ordained Arms home site, home of the SpitZlead muzzle brake. Ordained Arms is the source for the Dragon Spitzlead muzzle brake. Made in the U.S.A.
More Details - Dragon with crush washer Dragon model 1/ 2-28 threads Made from 4140 hardened steel Parkerized to mil spec For.
SpitZlead Store. Dragon with crush washer thread for.308 and smaller calibers. Made from 4140 steel. Includes 1 crush washer.

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This article showcases scifi and fantasy muzzle brakes that could enhance your airsoft gaming or cosplay experience. For the concussion, if you wanted, you could pretty easily get a first order approximation of the change between devices by using the microphone on your phone to measure the blast in various locations. I shot it repeatedly and got no visible flash signature from it at all. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. You will be prompted to enter your password on the next page.

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As you can see in the photo above also click here and here! If you want to reduce muzzle climb and dust signature you can plug the holes on the bottom. CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED INSIDE THE U. They need to make one that looks like a Glock. The Precision Armament AFAB is a super effective comp keeps the muzzle steady that is also a great flash hider and reduces blast and concussion as well, and is going to perform amazingly out of the box with no tinkering. Dragon Spitzlead Muzzle Break.