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How to play peggle 2 with kinect

how to play peggle 2 with kinect

In Peggle 2, you can play with the Xbox controller or with Kinect.
Peggle 2 offers a peg-popping paradise with all-new levels, new & improved power-ups, fantastic multiplayer modes and gesture controls with Kinect 2.
[–]OhHeyWhatsUpMan 18 points 2 years ago (0 children). Haven't .. TIL that you can play Peggle 2 with Kinect ..I had no.
how to play peggle 2 with kinect Actually, you can't", feature isn't supported. Your party is playing but the game is currently. Seriously, Peck, you have so many comments. The variety and level of difficult in each map and layout give plenty of challenges throughout the entire game. Sign up for free! Next to nothing huh?