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Igala Kingdom

Igala Kingdom

of Igala. Among the most revered. Attahs of the Igala kingdom are. Attah Ayegba Oma Idoko and. Atta Ameh Oboni. According to oral tradition.
The Igala kingdom was founded by Abutu- Eje in the 7th century. The kingdom was ruled by nine high officials called the Igala Mela, who were.
Primarily populated by the Igala tribe, Idah is regarded as the traditional capital (headquarters) of the Igala Kingdom. It is also a small local. Igala Kingdom This Nigerian history -related article is a stub. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. It is by a rotating system of succession in which. Connect with us on Facebook to learn about upcoming projects and volunteer opportunities. If the Igala Kingdom at Kaduna makes a mistake, the Governor-General will correct .

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