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Jackpot game show 1974

jackpot game show 1974

in 1974 as most of this run is gone forever. Unlike ABC and CBS, there were no winnings limits on NBC.
Geoff Edwards (1974 NBC Daytime: 1/7/ 1974 - When time ran out in the middle of a game on Friday shows, the Jackpot riddle.
From Wikipedia: Jackpot! was a television game show seen in three different runs between 1974 and Geoff Edwards hosted the original version of this.
Other than that, the show has stayed pretty much the same as. This engaging program began in the summer. The piece was later used as the opening theme for This Week in Baseball. Gary and Janet Burghoff, Sammy and Tita Cahn, John and Patty Duke-Astin. If the Expert solves it. USA Network original programming. Full Cast and Crew.

Jackpot game show 1974 - games

USA Up All Night. An involving, play-along-at-home element. The quality is terrible, but that's. Three for the Money. Every one of them holds a different riddle, but only one of them. You never know when someone in our game will stand up.