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Jeopardy controversy

jeopardy controversy

Alex Trebek called a ' Jeopardy!' contestant Alex Trebek Calls ' Jeopardy!' PHOTOS: Talk Show Controversies and Feuds: The Biggest Ever.
" Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek is in hot water after making fun of a contestant's favorite music genre on Wednesday evening's show.
The Ohio resident has even deliberately wagered for a tie in Final Jeopardy — and it worked. At press time, Chu was a four-time champion with.

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Read Whole Story The buzz is building over one of the most divisive characters to ever play "Jeopardy! TAGS alex trebek BUZZY COHEN jeopardy. Powered by VIP. What if Jeopardy did a special show for Moms? Enacted last summer, it sets rules for how personal information can be collected, used and disclosed.

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He played and lost to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in th... Best Music of the Year. And not even a special Ruffians Only edition. GPS For The Soul. Powered by VIP. The same goes with Final Jeopardy. Amazing Game Show Cheaters jeopardy controversy