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Split-step method

Split-step method

The split - step method is a numerical method that can be used, for example, for finding a numerical solution of scalar Maxwell's propagation equations having.
We propose a compact split - step finite difference method to solve the nonlinear Schrödinger equations with constant and variable coefficients. This method impr.
File Information. Description. This M-File solves Nonlinear schrodinger equation and display the results in 3d graphics along with it the Pulse. Split-step method

Split-step method - game

Published by: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Please, contact our sales staff for more information. By taking the inverse Fourier transform of. Retrieved from " Detailed answers to any questions you might have. However, if only a 'small' step. Second, it is necessary to Fourier transform back and forth because the linear step is made in the frequency domain while the nonlinear step is made in the time domain. Step Down Method for Allocating Support Costs