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Sunset Boulevard (film)

Sunset Boulevard (film)

A segment of life in Hollywood is being spread across the screen of the Music Hall in Sunset Boulevard. Using as the basis of their frank, caustic drama a.
Sunset Boulevard is a classic black comedy/drama, and perhaps the most acclaimed, but darkest film -noir story about "behind the scenes" Hollywood.
Crucially, however, the film industry in Sunset Boulevard is shown to be on its last legs. Paramount producer Sheldrake is ill with stress; Gillis is.

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Gillis, the young writer played by Holden. Seitz recalled asking Wilder what he required for the pet chimpanzee's funeral scene. The Bye Bye Man. The house is almost another character altogether and an amazing setting for a film... From RT Users Like You! She plans to play the title role herself in a comeback attempt. Sunset Boulevard (film)