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The book of rachael review

the book of rachael review

Leslie Cannold was perplexed. Among all the documents, internet sites and books she read about the life of Jesus, there was no mention of his.
If Jesus had a sister, what might have her story been? Australian Cannold (The Abortion Myth) turns her attention to an obscure corner of.
Listen to a review of The Book of Rachael on Radio National's The Book Watch Leslie Cannold talk about writing The Book of Rachael in an. Sign up to receive our emails. The portrayal of Mary may bring criticism as it is Joseph who s. The style is easy to read, racing along through a story filled with drama, romance and intrigue. The Book of Rachael imagines a backstory for the life of Jesus Christ, from the perspective of his sister. But this time it's not about the labour. The Book Of Rachael .
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There are still surprises and turns in this fabulous story. In some sense, the pleasures of reading historical fiction are similar to those we gain from reading fiction set in exotic landscapes. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.. This is something else again, a feminist tale wrapped up in some kind of make-believe. New literary journal: The New Guard. Being so used to reading Leslie Cannold's fiesty but highly analytical writings it was fun to be plunged into the world of her imagination.