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Girls in Love (novel)

Girls in Love (novel)

realistic voice of Ellie, Girls in Love is a funny, frank and revealing look at their friendships, This is an excellent book great way to kill time:).
Ellie, Magda and Nadine are the Girls in Love of the title. Ellie, whose mother died when she was young, lives with her dad, his new wife Anna, and her.
With her Girls in Love and sequels she deliberately created a series aimed If your parents read all of the book, they might see that rather than. Lovelive live # love novels (bibi) Girls in Love (novel)

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was really funny and humorous, and I felt like I really understood Ellie, the main character. Loved the way the girls always stuck together! Inspiring a love of books in every child. Hidup Ellie tampak biasa-biasa saja, kecuali fakta bahwa ibu kandungnya meninggal saat ia kecil, dan ayahnya menikah kembali dengan Anna, wanita cantik dan menarik, pendiam dan baik hati, dan mereka kini memiliki putra bernama Benedict yang lebih akrab dipanggil Eggs.