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Here we will refer to these motifs as 'multivalent RNA motifs ', since they enable RBPs to achieve high-affinity binding by cooperative.
RNAmotifs: prediction of multivalent RNA motifs that control alternative splicing. Matteo CeredaEmail author,; Uberto Pozzoli,; Gregor Rot.
which are cewwuwar ribonucweic acid (RNA) mowecuwes dat act as an enzyme, catawyzing chemicaw reactions. RAGATH RNA motifs · Ribozyme.
Tetramers were grouped on the basis of sequence composition and ES profile. The following example shows the search for the YCAY motif cluster with an h. According to one of the RAGATH RNA motifs, "You can find microbes everywhere — they're RAGATH RNA motifs adaptable to conditions, survive wherever they are. Within the HDV Ribozyme, there is a network of hydrogen bonds to the cytosine, able to stabilize the protonated form of the cytosine. View Article Google Scholar Polydorides AD, Okano HJ, Yang YY, Stefani G, Darnell RB: A brain-enriched polypyrimidine tract-binding protein antagonizes the ability of Nova to regulate neuron-specific alternative splicing. View Article Google Scholar Liu F, Walters KJ: Multitasking with ubiquitin through multivalent interactions.

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However, the RBPs differ in the frequency of their functional binding sites at the different positions of the RNA splicing map. No overlap between enhanced, silenced and control exons was allowed. Thus, in addition to identifying the regulatory motifs, the RNA maps can also predict the tissue where the candidate RBPs binding to these motifs are more highly expressed. Login to your account. Here, we present RNAmotifs, a method that identifies clusters of short non-degenerate ND or degenerate DG tetramers that are enriched at specific positions around the enhanced and silenced exons. By continuing to use this website, you agree to our Terms and Conditions , Privacy. This finding demonstrates that RNAmotifs can be used to study co-regulation of alternative exons by RBPs that bind to multivalent regulatory motifs.