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Mylothra christophi

Mylothra christophi är en fjärilsart som beskrevs av László Anthony Gozmány Mylothra christophi ingår i släktet Mylothra och familjen Symmocidae.
Mylothra christophi sp. n. Alar expanse: mm (male); female unknown. Head, thorax, scapulae, labial palpi dark to medium chocolate brown with some.
Mylothra christophi, Gozmany, Taxonomy and information of Species Mylothra christophi, Info.

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How species should be defined in a particular group of organisms gives rise to practical and theoretical problems that are referred to as the species problem. The exact definition of taxonomy varies from source to source, but the core of the discipline remains: the conception, naming, classification of groups of organisms. Confused by a class within a class or. Oh no, there's been an error. Give good old Wikipedia a great new look:. Already have this bookmark. In particular lack the club end. Ideals can, it may be said, never be completely realized. Iran became a major contributor to the Islamic Golden Age that followed, producing many influential scientists, scholars, thinkers. Suggest as cover photo. Neue Pyraliden, Pterophoriden und Tineen des palaearctischen Faunengebietes. Almost Mylothra christophi species have some form of membranous wings, for a few that have reduced wings or are wingless. Arthropods range in size from the microscopic crustacean Stygotantulus up to the Japanese crab.